Hot Dog

It felt like the weekend today not having to go to work for the first time this week!
I almost forgot I had to take the Little Misses to school!!
I went to the gym after dropping them off which was good. I'm trying to get back into the habit.
And because I'm married to technology geek we've got a new gadget to help with our health kick. Mr K ordered some all singing all dancing scales which show your percentage of body fat (OMFG!!!!!), bone density, water content, muscle mass etc.
And it links to your phone/computer to log your progress.
And it integrates with MyFitnessPal to log food intake.
And it works out for you at the gym so you don't have to bother.....
My body fat percentage came as something of a shock. I can kid myself into thinking I look OK; just need to lose a few pounds but seeing the number was a bit of a wake up call.
As well as going to the gym this morning I took Archie out for an extra long walk and made sure I walked fast enough to actually get out of breath.
And I didn't eat everything in sight. Woohoo, go me!! 

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