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By walkingMarj

Interrupted squares (Mono Monday)

I was at the garage for 0900 this morning and waited while the rear brakes were renewed (and the car was washed - hooray!). They had not mentioned that the MOT is due so I have that to arranged. Sigh.

This afternoon I had another singing lesson. We have agreed that my voice is much happier when I sing lower so that's what I'm going to do for a while. I may need to extend the range at the top, but it does not feel as urgent as before. Hooray!

I've bought bedding plants (several weeks too late so there was not much choice) and will see how I manage to plant them since Arth and Aggie have not agreed to do them yet...…...sigh.

I see the orthopaedic surgeon tomorrow about Arth and Aggie. Shhh. They don't know yet.

I was looking for squares in Hexham for Mono Monday and found some, although you will see that whoever installed them did not manage to keep them in line! At last I've managed to do one of the Blip challenges. Hooray!

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