View From My Canoe

After a long and strenuous day yesterday, no one was up and about very early today.  BB chose kayaking this morning, while TT and I chose to go canoeing.  We canoed up the loch to Killin – almost as we did last year.  We parked our canoes and headed to the tea room and refuelled for the paddle back home.  On the way there we had a six year old passenger in our canoe – who caused quite an instability.  She wanted to go in the instructors canoe on the way back – and our journey home was much more stable!

After our tea room visit I didn’t need much lunch.  BB had a great time kayaking, but I think he completely wore himself out (on top of two late nights and yesterday’s activities), as he went to bed and fell fast asleep.  I tried to rouse him for the afternoon activities (he had chosen wind surfing), but he was too weary and went straight back to sleep.  TT and I went out in the touring kayaks with  a couple of others and the instructor.  We travelled leisurely in an eastward direction  up the loch, stopped for a rest and some sweets, before returning home for tea and to pack up our stuff.

We left tired and weary after a fabulous weekend for the drive home and struggled to keep going to get organised for the morning.

Here is the view from my canoe.

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