After our busy weekend, I knew I would be too tired this morning to get up early, so took it easy and saw a grumpy BB out to school before TT and I headed for the train.  Seems my brain was just too tired to remember what I was doing last week, so I was rather slow in getting back up to speed.  My morning passed by too quickly though.  I had a small window of opportunity to gather some steps at lunchtime, but not too many as I had to get back for a meeting that didn’t happen.  I did have a couple of meetings later on which took up too much time.

When I eventually got home, I had to go out and enhance my poor step count, taking in a trip to the supermarket en route.  BB was at football training, and came home starving – nothing new there!

I walked back to the office at lunchtime, via New Calton Burial Ground.

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