I was really weary this morning, in fact all three of us were.  We struggled to get up, but made breakfast in time. We three chose paddle boarding as our morning activity.  I wasn’t sure about it, as it was really out of my comfort zone, but knew it was an opportunity to get some instruction.  Just as we headed out there was a really heavy and cold rain shower, which made me want to head back indoors, but it went off and brightened up.  Standing up was very tricky, but kneeling was quite relaxing.  I did fall in, but at least I tried it.  I think if I ever do it again, it will have to be somewhere much warmer!  BB on the other hand loved it and TT who had done it once before, said he almost enjoyed it!  It’s definitely much better to do these things when you are young and fearless!

After lunch we three went mountain biking on a route we did last year.  It was a lovely afternoon, and the route was quite scenic and certainly very green and lush.  Again BB was fearless going down the really steep tracks.  I took them a bit more steadily.

Once back at basecamp, it was time to pack up and enjoy our last meal together.  The organiser hopes he can book it again next year.

Once home I had to go out for some steps, to meet my step challenge target.  I wasn’t in the mood, as I was really too tired – but it was a lovely evening.

Here are some of the group cycling along the old railway track at Killin.  This bridge goes over the railway track, unlike yesterday’s  bridge which would have carried the railway track.

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