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By Marlieske

The Purple Hairstreak... - Favonius quercus...

The Purple Hairstreak or Oak Page is a small Page, wing length about 16 mm, which belongs to the family of blue butterflies and which can be found in the crowns of oak trees during the summer months.
The males the top of all wings are blue / blue purple. The female this glare is missing on the rear wings; they only have a blue-purple spot on the upper side of the front wing...The oak page is described as 'scarce' because this species only descends to a flower meadow or watering hole on the ground and an encounter with the oak leaf is not commonplace. Locally, however, at a height of about 15 meters, the Oak Page is common.....This is a female Oak Page... 
We had a butterfly inventory today with the insect group I joined. We were especially looking for the Oak Page and the brown oak page... We only found the Oak Page today... but I'll be back... ;-))
In the extra there's the Oak Page closed... and a photo bomb bij a little spider

My "mysterious" bug from yesterday... It's a Field Cricket... They told me that these are quite rare... 

As promised today I will give the results for the DerelictSunday challenge.
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And many thanks for everyone who did join the DerelictSunday challenge this week! This weeks tag is #DS94... show me your derelict places...

Thanks for all the lovely comments, hearts and stars for my yesterday’s blip! Xxx 

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