Perhaps this blip lark is getting repetitive!

I’m struggling to remember what I did yesterday after we came back from Tai Chi.  I do remember thinking late afternoon that I hadn’t got anything for blip, nor had I got much by way of inspiration, so it had to be the Astrantias again.  What will I choose for Flower Friday now?
It was the judges feedback for our Open Print Competition last night and I was over the moon to get a first (along with two other club members) and also a 19/20 for my Nine Square `Curiosities’ image and even 16 for my butterfly.  Not bad to say that I had to choose from photographs that were already printed - all my energies had been devoted to clearing the kitchen at the time when the images were due.  It was also good that two other club members were able to celebrate a joint first.  I like it when things get shared round a bit.  I’ve included my winning image in the `extra’.

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