X marks the spot. "Emigration". I guess the forms are primarily written for the purposes of Finnish citizens, but then you wonder why they provide them in English.

Everyone, including departing EU citizens like us, has to register their change of address. I'd forgotten about this, and found it impossible to do online, although it's supposed to be easy. The system just wouldn't recognised me. Luckily the Posti in the centre of the city was open for a few hours this morning - long enough for us to get a paper form, which has now been put in the post. It really brings it home to you.

Amidst some reading, we've been mainly packing, and Mr A has done his boxes. All being well, they will be making their way separately to us, and meet us back in Edinburgh around the time when we get back there. Fingers crossed.

We went out for dinner - not many places were open, but Kappeli did a nice job. Now back for our last night. Boo hoo.

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