By stujphoto

Barns Ness Revisited.

It's been quite a while since I have been down to Barns Ness with the dogs. At one stage we regularly used to go there when our next door neighbours was alive. Margaret would go off with Marlene to walk the dogs and Bruce and I would go just a brief walk because of his mobility difficulties then sit in the sand dunes 'chewing the cud'. I miss those chats and his easy-going friendship. Obviously I did a load of blips around that area but I don't think I ever took one from this point before giving the stile a foreground position. 

The other feature of the day was the gorgeous cloudless azure blue sky which I guess a load of uk blippers have experienced today. East Lothian skies nearly always have a few puffy clouds around which is part of their attraction so today was quite an unusual occurence.

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