A time for everything

By turnx3

Out on the bike trail

We got up this morning in time to watch the England vs Panama World Cup game, although we didn’t get up as early as we meant to, and missed the first two goals, but as it turned out, there were still quite a few left to see, and of course they showed replays! Unfortunately it meant we did end up missing church, though we were at church later in the afternoon for the last concert in our church’s concert series, featuring the Oberlin Choristers touring ensemble from northeastern Ohio, ages about 13-18 - they were wonderful, and it was a lovely program. In between we just managed to fit in a bike ride on the Little Miami trail, starting in Loveland, but heading south for a change. It was a dry, mainly sunny afternoon, which have been few and far between in our absence from what we gather, so it was a popular place to be and the car parks were pretty full.  I managed 18 miles return, which I was quite happy with.
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