The return of the frogs II

Today was a busy one, with work of the paid variety, followed by further efforts to make our house guest ready for next month's family gathering for our niece's wedding.  Mr MC and The Son finally went out shopping for their wedding guest attire and I'm glad to say that were very successful.
  This afternoon Mr MC spotted Peggy Sue scrabbling around the kitchen bin and discovered this little frog lurking in the corner...   I imagine that this frog, like the one last week has been brought in by puss but is unharmed because they taste rather nasty as a defence mechanism.  Mr MC carried this one to the pond and placed him on a lily pad so that I could take a few shots before he plopped into the cool water.

Again thank you all for visits to my journal and all the lovely comments/stars and hearts that you have left, all really much appreciated.    I really am hoping that my response rate and journal browsing will improve soon!

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