Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

A welcome visitor for lunch

A busy morning doing chores and housey stuff. As I have managed to get out of going to India for work, I now have 2 weeks at home, which means I have no excuse for not doing the cleaning and jobs around the house :(
This afternoon and early evening we have been at a friends house for a BBQ and I had hoped to get a nice sunset blip to post on the way home, but it didn't happen. It's been so hot today, we've been melting. Now we are home and sitting in front of the fan, and thankfully it has cooled down a little outside as well. 
So this is my reserve blip. Whilst we were having lunch at home, I happened to spy this stranger on the peanuts - he's not been around for ages, so I was really happy to see my camera on the table within reach. A few clicks later and he was gone, but I was thrilled to see him all the same, however briefly. 

Tomorrow we are my parents for Sunday lunch, but I'd like to get out somewhere early before the heat gets to it's highest, but not sure where. Will see what time I can prise hubby out of bed! 

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