The Last Day

Today really has been the end of an era, as it was BB’s last day at primary school.  He may well have missed it as he lay on the sofa watching TV without a care in the world, luckily I was there as ever to get him moving, fed and dressed.  Once he had gone to school, Grandma and I got ourselves ready and headed to church for the leavers’ service.  When we got there everyone was standing outside, as they had had trouble getting in, as the key holder was on holiday!

Church is a bit of a mystery to me, but BB did a reading and served on the alter.  Once it was over the children went back to school and we went for a cuppa with some friends before heading to school.

Our school has lovely tradition of piping the p7s out of the school and through a guard of honour made by the rest of the school children, staff and parents.  They all emerged some looking very happy, others in tears.  BB was full of smiles.  It’s a lovely send off, with lots of hugs in the playground.

We all eventually got home and were able to sit in the garden for lunch, as the haar had burned off.  Before long we were taking Grandma to Dunbar for her train home.  The haar hadn’t burned off there and it was quite chilly and we were not appropriately dressed!  Once Grandma was on her way, we did have a wander around Dunbar, but to be honest I didn’t want to linger as it was cold. I was pleased to get back home to our garden.

Here they are getting piped out.  BB has his cello on his back - as he will need to take it to high school with him!  They also get their shirts signed by pupils and staff.  I like the message from his p1 teacher in the extra.

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