Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Oh dear, excuse me!

When I announced in the garden that today was my 2,555th blip, everyone got excited.  Some might say that this little planthopper nymph (kid) got a little too excited!  Well, one can be forgiven, right?

I thought about blipping a spider today as that would have been a nice complete circle from my first blip, a mono spider web, back in the day when spiders topped my list of things I feared the most.  But when I spotted this rather amazing little creature with his fluffy butt, I knew it had to be this one.  (And if you'd like to see the alternative, a glamourous sparkly Orchard Orb Weaver, click HERE.)

When I started this journey 7 years ago, I certainly never expected to develop a deep interest in entomology.  But interestingly (and perhaps forshadowing?) six of my first 7 posts were insect-related.  That said, birds are still my first love, photographically speaking.  

But back to blip...when I posted my first entry, my only goal was to get through 30 days.  I missed the second day, but since then, not a single miss.  Spending time with my camera has become such a fundamental part of each day.  And along the way, I've 1) become a better photographer, 2) learned a whole lot of probably useless information about birds, bugs and wildlife, 3) learned some relatively more useful things about photography, and 4) made some absolutely wonderful friends.  I certainly never expected to have made such special friends here.  So many of you have celebrated with me, cried with me, laughed with me - you've been right beside me on this journey and I thank you.  

In fact, I think I'll stick around for another 7 years...  

Here's to Blip.  Here's to YOU.


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