Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Big Win

Not a football image (for a change), but this picture serves to record the nasty dust storm we have had this weekend. Apparently, it rained in Sharjah yesterday and a number of accidents occurred as a result. It is also extremely hot (47degC) and the air conditioners are struggling to maintain a good level of cooling. Roll on winter, I say.

We headed to church in Jebel Ali in the morning, and it was great to see some of our friends after ages. Drove back via Spinneys to pick something up for lunch.

Later, we went to the QE2 to watch the England-Sweden quarterfinal match. We were joined by friends from the Salvation Army today and we all really enjoyed the atmosphere and result. England are heading to a World Cup semifinal for the first time since 1990. Very pleased for them and hope they progress to the next round after that! We got treated to fish and chips at the Golden Lion to celebrate. It's been a happy evening.

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