Birthday Drinks

It's my birthday today. I'm as old as my tongue, and a little older than my teeth! I've got some great prezzies - scented candles, bath bombs, ornament, blue Sapphire gin, CD and £££!!

I've been over to the parents as usual, but Bri fetched me early. We went to Tesco and then relaxed for a while. Jeri and the boys popped over to collect Zeph for a few days, and bring cards and prezzies for me. It was good to see them!

This evening we went out for a meal at the Lion and Snake pub, then for drinks at the Magna Carta (the pub in my photo) and the Cardinal's Hat! While we were in the Magna Carta, it rained! Just a quick shower but it freshened things up a bit. 

It's been a good day!

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