Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

The Perks of House Sitting

Our family have gone on their annual holiday so I am in charge of the house, animals and fish. I visit a minimum of twice a day to make sure everything is okay. The cats are fed twice a day and Sybil has to have her medicine, which she eats before she gets her food. I have to open the small greenhouse in the morning and close it at night. These tomatoes are Sungold cherry tomatoes and look redder than they were; they were delicious and were eaten with my lunch. There are many more to come and are ahead of mine which are planted outdoors.

I have been doing very little today as I think I have probably been doing too much over the last day or two. It is slightly cooler here with some clouds, but still no rain. No doubt once it does rain there will be massive floods around the country and we will once again have a pond.

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