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Calne (Tuesday July 17th 2018)

I am temporarily without two of my cameras as my full-frame K-1 has gone to be upgraded to a Mark II and my red K-50 body went with it for a general overhaul, along with a 55-300 lens. Having despatched them at the post office I wandered down to the Marden below Fay's Bistro to sit and read for awhile. It was pleasantly fresher and cooler than recent days.
This crocosmia was growing on the river bank. It looks like 'Lucifer' and if so, as I found out when blipping the plant in my garden, it is a cultivated hardy hybrid that dates from 1966, and unfortunately is not therefore a wildflower. When I was exploring the newly opened section of the Wilts and Berks last week I read how volunteers had planted 20,000 wildflower plugs in the one-mile stretch, begging the question as to what is actually wild and how we would know.

18.7.2018 (1652 hr)

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Taken with Panasonic/Leica DMC-LX100 Micro 4/3rds compact

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Cowboy Junkies - IKEA Parking Lot (recorded 2015)
Recently I've been playing through a Cowboy Junkies box set called Notes Falling Slow. Three of the CDs are re-issues of albums recorded between 1999 and 2006, whilst the fourth is a kind of mopping-up of songs considered for the albums but not used. Two were completed and mixed at the time but the others have been freshly recorded or re-recorded for this box set. Ikea Parking Lot dates from the Open/One Soul Now period and existed only in demo form. It was re-imagined and re-recorded for this box set. It appears on the fourth CD, which I listened to on this day.

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