Cotton faceglove

On the day that I learnt to crochet Laura mentioned that she had a lot of spare cotton yarn to give away. I offered to take any that was green or orange to knit into facecloths to match our (cool) avocado bathroom.

Here's a section of my first creation, mainly knitted during the World Cup matches. Just as I was finishing it off this evening Mr hazelh suggested that I make it into a faceglove rather than facecloth. I agreed that this was a very good idea, and followed his advice.

This was the last task of 11 on my 'to do' list today. I worked my way through 10 in total. Since the 11th is work-related (and I don't officially work on Tuesdays), I think that I have done quite well.

The news from the hospital is that my father has been able to walk unaided to the bathroom and made friends with the man who is in the bed diagonally opposite his. As anyone who knows my family would predict, my father has several contacts in common with his new pal. In other news the man directly opposite my father has been discharged after 3 weeks and a day 'inside'. If this is an indication of the length of time they like to keep their frail elderly patients, it will still be a couple of weeks before my father is allowed home.

Exercise today: 35-minute run.

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