Water On Leaf

A long day of work at our daughter’s house - constructing new furniture (sadly not a cabin bed for granddaughter - yet). I also rebuilt the little bed that I took from her room here, so that she has somewhere to sleep until the new bed is ready.

I also made her old bed back into a cot - ready for the new little one.

There was so much packaging from the new furniture that we had to make a trip to the tip - which is right the other side of Doncaster - over half an hours drive away. we combined this with lunch out though!

Back home at 7:30 p.m (we left at 9 a.m.) so had no time to process or post a blip..but fortunately I had taken a shot of the water droplets on a large leaf whilst I was out with Finlay early in the morning. The little drops caught my eye as they glistened in the early sunlight

Hopefully the new part for the bed will arrive on Tuesday…..

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