They think it's all over

St Mary's church, better known as Chelmsford Cathedral, as seen from New St during a couple of hours tasks and blipwander this hot and sunny afternoon. 

Talking of which, having been woken at 6am by thunder, I was lulled back to sleep by the familiar comforting rhythms of pouring rain, thinking, with relief, that after the last couple of cool days, the heat wave really was over.  I mean, it's all very well when I am in Istanbul with A/C n' all, and people don't expect you to walk miles in baking heat, or in Akbuk with a pool and the Aegean nearby, but Chelmsford, Essex, UK, constantly and continually in mid 30º s? Nah. I don't think so. Alas, however, by the time I went in to town after lunch, the sun was out with a vengeance so that as I walked the breeze free town centre High St, I deeply regretted my clothing choice of jeans....  My car said 25ºC but feels like 35ºC dressed in denim...

Happy birthday to mbfiatw, a few numbers higher than me, she is almost old enough to legally have a celebratory drink.... almost.  

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