There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

A Walk in the Rain

It's hard to stop talking about the weather. It continues to rain. Some days, just a shower here and there. Others, all-day, soaking rain. I am a person who generally loves the rain, but even I am running out of enthusiasm for it. It makes it hard to do things, to get outdoors. Also, there's that thing about needing to keep the camera dry.

It was merely drizzling on this morning as I drove into town, and I stopped for about 10 minutes at a local park on Bernel Road. The park has a very nice set of playground equipment for children of all ages and sizes, as well as benches for sitting and green pathways for walking, and tennis courts. It's surprisingly well appointed for a rural park.

Here is a view looking out from under my butterfly umbrella, down a hill into the endless green that is central Pennsylvania right now. There is farmland in the background, and I've spied horses in that field. You might think I live in a rainforest. Throw in a couple of monkeys in the trees and it would be convincing. Yes, everything is 40 shades of green. And wet.

I know a thing that you don't know. Down around the corner to the left, a bunny is munching on grass. As I grow nearer, it hunkers down and almost disappears. The drizzle turns into heavier rain. The rabbit and I look at each other. I can't read rabbit minds but I'll bet we're both thinking the same question: Who'll stop the rain?

The song: Creedence Clearwater Revival, with Who'll Stop the Rain.

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