Remembering Two Lovely Ladies

Dear Diary,

The day was one of laughter and tears, in equal measure, as we gathered at Black Cat Island to celebrated the lives of two lovely ladies, my cousins Joslyn and Rachelle, who passed away this past year.  The day began with torrential rains and even tornado warnings but by 2pm the skies cleared as if on cue.  The afternoon was beautiful and we delighted to see a third generation of cousins frolicking in the warm water.

We shared memories, photographs and songs and made little origami boats to set sail on the lake as a last farewell.  There was such a warm feeling of closeness and support, it didn't matter when some of the little paper boats immediately sunk.  It was the coming together, the shared experience, that gave us joy.  Rest in Peace, Joslyn and Rachelle.  You will always be a part of our shared memories and, as your song said Joslyn, we will truly miss you now you're gone. 

"They're leaving us", our broken hearts cried out. "Their lives are in the past." But from the distant shore, soft voices answered back. "What joy, such utter happiness. They're coming home at last!"

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