This was one of those random shots I expected to be deleting when I got home; it was the bright red colour which had attracted me but I didn't know I'd captured a hoverfly until I uploaded the images to the computer.  I've not seen poppies along the canal in previous years but it's certainly nice to see them now.

I have decided that I'm going to get us both fit and on the strength of that decision I've ordered a couple of dynabands and a medicine ball, and printed off an exercise routine from the internet.  I get plenty walking done when I'm out with the camera and in between I aim for a couple of Pilates sessions, but a little strength training won't go amiss.   I don't  know how long my enthusiasm will last (probably not very long) - I only know I have to have enough for both of us. :-))

Thank you for the comments and stars left for yesterday's blip, they're all very much appreciated.

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