A mini blipmeet this morning at Costa Coffee in Newcastle with  YellowBalloon and Shygirl73  ( Pat ) We had a lovely catch up. I took my blip shot in Grey Street.

Afterwards Pat and I walked through the Grainger Market and spotted a bargain - 2 cauliflowers for 60p - so we both made a purchase.  Then we looked inside The Cuban Cigar shop. ( Pat is going to Cuba in December. ) We saw lots of big fat cigars - some of the prices seemed exorbitant  - £27 for one cigar for example.

Pat went to catch the Metro and I had a look around Fenwicks.  Nothing caught my eye. 

Neil had a meeting today in Newcastle which finished at 4pm and he asked if I wanted to meet up afterwards and go for a meal.  He texted around 11.30 am to say he was feeling " ropey " and might just go straight home at 4pm - but in the end he felt OK.  So we went to Wetherspoons.  Neil had mixed grill and I had chicken salad.  Extra shot is Neil enjoying his meal.  During the meal he mentioned he was needing a new pair of running shoes and he wanted to get the same type he was wearing now - Adidas Ultra  Boost.  I said I would buy some for him as an early birthday present - his birthday is 30th Aug.  So after the meal we went to the Start Fitness shop and Neil tried on a pair and then I bought them. ( £120) 

Neil then went to the library to read a book.  If he has time to kill he often pops into the library to continue reading the same book.

I went to Waitrose to get some fruit and tomatoes and then caught the bus home.

Sat next to a lady on the bus who lives near me.  We had a nice chat.  She is 82 and is as sprightly as ever. 

When I got home there was a card through the door saying my Amazon parcel had been left with a neighbour so I popped next door to see Jackie and pick up my large bag of cat litter.  Jackie and I had a lovely long chat.  Haven't seen her  for ages so it was a good opportunity for a catch up.  The cat litter was too heavy for me to lug back home so Jackie carried it for me.

I heard from Becky after she had been back to the hospital in Brighton about her broken hand.  She doesn't need an operation. The big cast was taken off and another one was put on which is slightly smaller..  She has to go back to the hospital next week and if the swelling has gone down they will put a removable cast on so she will be able to go back to work. So its all sounding positive. Photo in my Extras. 

Steps today - 12,704

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