Every now and then during the day I remembered I needed a blip.  Then that moment would pass and I'd forget about it.  It's funny how changes in your life situation alter your priorities.  As it started to get later in the day, I noticed some pink over the mountains.  That was a cue for me to check for a sunset out front.  This is what I saw.  

It's time to start putting the house back together now that the walls are new and shiny.  It's a bit of an imposing task.  Regarding Mom's house, I have a friend pushing me to get in contact with a guy who does estate sales.  She doesn't seem to understand two things: that I must first get my own home comfortable for both of us and that I am not quite ready to let go of many of the things in Mom's house.  I just want to take my time.  I keep thinking, what's the rush?

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