Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Sunflower Biodiversity

Surely today will be the turning point for this infernal cold I've managed to catch!  I've now moved firmly to the coughing/sneezing/nose blowing stage which feels as if it must be progress.  That said, I had a hard time mustering much energy to get out today.  Luckily, the Monarch cats are well stocked with milkweed and a whole bunch of them got ready to pupate last night so they've stopped eating.  A small breathing space until the next batch of cats starts eating like a bunch of starving teens.

Today's blip in one of the tiniest jumping spiders I've seen this year.  It would have fit neatly on the tip of a ball-point pen (the writing tip) which made it rather difficult to photograph.   The camera kept wanting to focus on the small hairy fibers of the sunflower stalk so it's a miracle that this is even remotely focused.  And I have absolutely NO idea what my little bug-eyed friend was eating.  Life and death on the sunflowers.  If you want to follow the thread of my "sunflower biodiversity" story, click the tag below to see each related blip.  

MIL has an appointment with her nephrologist this afternoon and normally I'd be going with Hubs to take her - but I can't take any chance of giving her this cold, so I'm reluctantly sidelined.  And, based on my utter lack of energy, I think I will retire upstairs for a bit of a rest.

Thanks for stopping by.  And thanks Osuzanna for hosting TinyTuesday!


Five Monarchs released today:  one for a blipper's dear friend; one for a blipper's aunt; one for a daughter taken too soon; one for a beloved father; and one for a resident of the Home where MIL lives who passed away at age 93 this week.  

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