Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Today was all about the pollinators, from hummingbirds (the birds) to butterflies to these beautiful Hummingbird Clearwing Moths.  An utterly perfect day to spend in the garden, which is pretty much what I did with time out for the gym (4 miles - feeling virtuous!)

I chose this shot because I liked that you can see some pollen on its face, and also that you can see how it braces itself on the flower using its two forelegs.  This is something I hadn't really noticed until recently.

The hummingbirds (avian) are operating a fevered pitch right now with every flower and feeder being zealously guarded.  The same plucky juvenile male is still chasing everything in the yard, including birds much bigger than himself and wasps (which would be deadly should one sting him).  I've posted a shot of him on Flickr HERE in all his glory, feeding on cardinal flower.

Hubs has had some good job leads, so we are feeling optimistic.  And in the meantime, sorting through COBRA and other insurance-related issues - yuck.  

MIL continues to do well.  She sees both of her children every day, which she loves, even if she doesn't remember it.  I don't stop in to see her as often, but when I do she enjoys the visit even if she doesn't quite remember who I am.  What a horrible disease - I hope that a cure is found for dementia one day.  

Thinking about planning a little RV getaway soon...

Happy Hump Day, people.


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