Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

No point waiting...

As soon as I took this series of shots, I knew that one of them would be my photo for the day.  There is just something about a hummingbird and lobelia (cardinal flower) that seems utterly perfect.  And that the hummer is my favorite red-necked little thug makes it that much sweeter.  Yes, he is still chasing everyone and everything in the garden, fearless and determined and completely captivating.  In addition to wishing for peace on this earth, I also wish that everyone would have a the chance to sit in a garden like mine, surrounded by hummingbirds.

Already the middle of August...the summer - and the year - are just flying by way too soon.  How I wish I could stop the clock, hit the pause button, suspend time.  I'm so not looking forward to winter.  However, I am looking forward to returning to the rain forest next May, so at least there's that waiting for me at the end of winter!

Hubs and I are off to the gym shortly.  Today will be a short cardio workout and weights.  I clocked 7.5 miles in the last two days so time to give me legs a little rest.  It's been nearly 9 months since we joined the gym and committed to getting in better condition.  I'm happy to say that I can both feel and see a difference.  It is good to feel stronger.  

I've been on a hiatus from news for the last few days.  Sometimes I just can't bear to read all the horrid stuff.  But Aljazeera and BBC await's time to get caught up on world news.  Does anyone else get news from Aljazeera?  I have found it to be an amazingly unbiased news source!

Happy Thursday, people.


On of the difficult things about depression is that you get into this deep, dark valley and it starts to feel impossible to get out.  At its worst, for me, I'd sometimes wait until I'd gotten the bare minimum of work things done and then crawl into bed with the blinds drawn.  I'd think about asking for help and then talk myself out of it. And I kept it hidden from everyone. That, I think, is one of the insidious things about depression.

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