Meccano Slide

Would you pay £2 to slide down this installation that looks as though it were constructed from a Meccano set? Me neither.
This monstrosity has been plonked right in the middle of elegant George Street, the shopping area so much more upmarket than the popular Princes Street, which is home to cheap but popular shops and tat merchants.

It was to this Street that I hot footed it down this morning before the hordes had finished their full British breakfasts and were out meandering the city’s streets, although the north side of George Street is generally passable most of the day. I was collecting an online bargain from White Stuff, a store which has grown on me as there was less of me to grow on, if you get my drift.

I was back home to the Dower House and His Lordship by 10 am, ready to divest ourselves of an inordinate number of shekels to our lawyer for services rendered before we recover enough energy to cross town in the thick of things this afternoon for an appointment in the west.

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