By LadyFindhorn

Birsay Bay - Day 15

Today came in two distinct parts- the morning when it was grey and cold with the threat of rain ever present and the afternoon and evening when the sun came out, the sky turned blue with fluffy summery clouds and lochs were deep blue and sparkling. It was such a change of scene that we might have been living in two separate places. Only the wind was constant, but it was a much warmer one after lunch.

IainatCreel and CMC took me up to Birsay in the car as it isn’t served too well by a bus service. Because the tea room there is so popular we had to join a queue to get a seat for a late lunch. A walk was proposed to deal with the ingestion of chocolate cake but because my ankle was protesting at the walk on the stoney beach at Hoy yesterday, we had a gentle walk on grass along the cliff top to the famous whale bone at Skiba Geo, where Iain got a bit carried away with his prowess of weight lifting. With no threshold available she was quickly deposited back on the ground. He never offered to lift me- that would have been a load too far.

Returning to the car this tractor in the extra was hard at wok getting the hay cut before the next batch of bad weather slides across.

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