By LadyFindhorn

Unloved in Stromness -Orkney day 16

I realise that I have been her in Orkney for a fortnight now and the days are slipping past too quickly. Apart from the tricky first two days I have enjoyed myself so much and that is largely because of the friendship of Poppy, IainatCreel and CMC. They have looked after me with unfailing zeal and I have enjoyed their company on many occasions. I think IainatCreel is 2 chapters in to writing a book for children called “Kitten Hips Adopts a Midget”.

Today had a less than propitious start with wind and rain, but with cagoule tied tightly, I waded to the bus to “toon” to meet up with Poppy. We had coffee and a look round the shops before repairing to Helgi’s for lunch . I had soup and a coronation chick pea filled roll and found it surprisingly hard to keep the chick peas from rolling out of the roll. Poppy had an unusual concoction of haggis and cheese on toasted bread and declared it delicious. Chacun à son goût the order of the day.
By the time we stopped blethering the sun had come out and gone back in again and there was nothing for it but to say cheerio and make my way back to Stromness and go on a Blip trawl.

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