By LadyFindhorn

Neighbourliness or Compromise

I had my fingers crossed that today’s weather would be pleasant for the arrival of my school friend, her husband, her brother and his partner. It was a first time in Orkney for them all and I wanted them to have a good experience after all I’ve said about the islands over the years.

When I got up to cloudy skies and rain, my heart sank, but the thing with Orkney weather is its change ability and so it turned out. By 12noon I was sitting in the garden reading the paper with my sunglasses on. The weather held up for their arrival on the afternoon ferry and was lovely enough to be able to have coffee outside at Julia’s. Whatever the weather throws at us in the 4 days they are here, their first impressions must have been favourable.

I invested in some travel sickness pills for my trip up to North Ronaldsay tomorrow; better safe than sorry when I have to spend 6 hours on the North Sea. I am scared to look at the weather forecast.

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