Busy Bee

Once we got over the trauma of the tie – he was struggling to tie it properly and TT wasn’t here to guide him - BB left for school, still excited about the new classes he had this morning.  It’s lucky that I wore a tie every day of my school years, and with a bit of practice I remembered how to do it.

Once I had hung my washing out I went out for my Friday run – it was much cooler than my recent running conditions and much windier – but I coped!  It almost felt autumnal - I do hope that is not the end of summer.

I knew I had to get stuck into a load of house work today, but made a quick trip into town for a few bits and pieces.  It was then back for the housework – not my favourite activity.

BB had been for lunch with a new friend, and appeared home in the middle of the afternoon, weary after his first few days back at school.  Hopefully we will have a quiet weekend. 

This bee was decorating a lovely package that was delivered today.


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