By Teasel


BB went off to rugby training, TT went off for a run and I pottered at home – doing even more washing!  I then headed into town, with a thought of checking out rugby, but I reckoned they would be near finishing, so I did what I needed to do and headed home.  TT was on brunch when I got in.

Once they were ready, we headed off to Abbotsford for the afternoon, for we had come by tickets which gave us free entry.  We only had to pay £1 for BB.  We had a look around the new visitor centre, did the self-guided tour of the house, explored the lovely walled garden, before a visit to the café.  We chose to sit outside but it maybe wasn’t the best choice as it was very windy and there were wasps.  The cakes were good though.  We then had a walk by the river and through the woods.  When we arrived we couldn’t find a parking space, so had to park in the coach area.  We were one of the last cars left in an empty car park when we left.  All in all a lovely afternoon.

We had a nice drive home and pizza for tea.  TT and I followed that with series four of Luther.

This is a view of Abbotsford from the walled garden.  The extra shows part of the reason for the busy car park – there must have been a convention of owners.


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