By Teasel

Lifting Tatties

I was weary and BB was weary.  He got off to school and I eventually got myself out for a run.  It was grey, very grey and had been raining, but was dry for the duration of my run.  The weather forecast was grim, so I did no washing and instead planned to cook.  List made, I headed to the supermarket.  When I came out, the sun was out and there was blue sky – how wrong the forecast was.  I raced home and got the washing machine on and had a washing-fest.  After lunch I cooked a curry in preparation for tea.

As BB was glued to his x-box, and it was still a beautiful day, I went for a walk to stretch my legs.  I could see showers in the hills and at one point I was on the edge of a shower and got a little wet, but I soon dried off when the sun came out.

It was home for chores, and I have decided the vacuum cleaner is well and truly on its way out.  A new one needs to be purchased.

My curry went down well.  Later I popped out to the supermarket for a  few essentials that were too big and bulky to carry home this morning. Even later TT and I sat down and watched some TV.
I walked past this field where they were lifting tatties.  This always makes me think of when I went tattie picking as a child. I can’t imagine BB wanting to do that. 

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