Stress Busting

A phone ringing at 1:30 am never bodes well and the stuff of nightmares, so it was fortunate I didn’t hear it. Others heard it though and responded. I finally heard a repeat phone call at 5:30am and responded too.
Between us we got things sorted satisfactorily but leaving me discombobulated thinking for some reason it was Sunday. My mistake was realised when I asked the newsagent for my Sunday paper and he looked mystified, telling me it wasn’t in because it was still Saturday.
With a day in hand so to speak, I awarded myself a coffee and a croissant- rich calorific pickings indeed.

My blip is a desperate one of my new knitting on the needles. This cardigan is for daughter#5 who appreciates the homespun look. I wish I had £1 for every time I have knitted this old pattern for her in all colours under the sun, but she likes it and it suits her, even though when I start sewing it up to avoid the home made look, I vow never again.

I have added an extra blip of Ewan age 4 in his new school uniform. I will be interested to know how the English accent he has suddenly acquired from his father will go down in the east end of Glasgow.

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