A special day for Chris and Kate

Chris and Kate's wedding has been on my calendar for ages. I hadn't met Kate before but I have known Chris since he and Neil were members of the village Under 11's cricket team.  He and Neil worked together for a while and shared a house too until they both moved out to live with their respective girlfriends. I didn't have an invite to the wedding but Neil and Rachael did.  Neil had been chosen to give a reading and to be a groomsman. A few weeks ago Rachael suggested I wait outside the church so I could take some photos after the ceremony so I had decided to do that.

However Chris messaged Neil a few days ago asking whether I wanted to go inside the church so I could see the ceremony and hear Neil's reading........  Neil only told me this last night.  So I had to scratch around trying to put together an outfit.  I don't really have many smart clothes - I don't own a dress or a skirt or a smart summer jacket.  So I did the best I could to come up with something suitable to wear

The ceremony was at St Mary's Church in the village. A wonderful venue.  The bride looked lovely -  she was smiling when she arrived and smiled all the way through the ceremony.   Neil did very well with his reading.  He read " A Lovely Love Story " - a poem by Edward Monkton about two dinosaurs who fall in love. I hadn't heard it before but apparently its a very popular wedding reading.

After the ceremony all the guests lined up along the path and threw rose petals as the  newleyweds passed by.  This is when I took my photos.

My Extra shot is of me and Neil and Rachael and Neil.  ( I always look so small when I stand next to Neil )

I came straight home after I had taken my photos and changed out of my " wedding " shoes.  Then I walked to the Co-op to collect a parcel.  Some clothes I had ordered online.  Unfortunately they don't fit so they will have to go back.

Steps today - 10,899 

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