After a few busy days with lots of blip choices I found myself struggling to find something to blip today.  I spent the day at home catching up with household chores - washing, ironing and general sorting. 

My " Emergency Blip " is a gladioli stem.  Gladioli always remind me of seeing Dame Edna Everage at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle a few years ago.  At the end of the show he/she  threw gladioli into the audience.  As I was in the second row I was lucky enough to catch one.

Nothing else to report ..... except that on Friday when Becky went to the hospital they took the plaster cast off and gave her a brace to wear.  She is able to take this off to go in the bath, shower, wash her hair etc.  She is trying to hold a pen again and use a keyboard but her hand is still painful so she's only doing that in short bursts and then needs painkillers. However she went for a long run yesterday so running is no problem for her.  She just needs to build up her fitness again to be ready for The Great North Run next month.

Steps today - 5,812

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