Today is our wedding anniversary (23years). We were both 35 when we got married.

We have often said that it was a good thing we were older and more “mature” when we got married as there were several major bumps in the road our first 18 months of marriage.

We were friends first before we dated and before that not exactly friends! We had mutual friends so tolerated one another!

Oh how life changes as one gets older and one begins to view things differently. Kent has been my best friend and my rock.

With all the connections I have through various MS groups, it is made abundantly clear how blessed I am to have Kent as my partner and support.

I can text Kent when he is at work and tell him that it’s one of those days where I have done absolutely nothing and I will get a reply to just look after myself. I am spoiled

And on that note! Today we headed down to Myrtle Beach SC and one of the large malls there. Kent got a new pair of shoes and 4 shirts and I got a new skirt, 2 light summer jackets and 5 tops. That doesn’t include what was bought for me to be put away and given to me at Christmas! Yes, spoiled.

The flower was in a pot at the mall

The glass is 1 of 2 that I bought when we had our lunch. Red Lobster get their crab from the Deadliest Catch fleet and that’s where we ate.

The scene is on the drive home and the beautiful day we had today.

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