Time for another camping trip!! We've come down to Norden Farm near Corfe Castle again today.
The less said about the journey the better. It should take about two and a half hours but it took almost four and a half. Mr K came down separately in the camper after work so it was just the Little Misses, Archie and me in the car.
We crawled along from Winchester and the bloody SatNav went rogue taking me off dual carriageways at roundabouts only to tell me to get back on again. Grrrrrrrr!!!! It obviously thought it was avoiding traffic but obviously the roundabouts were snarled up so it just added more time.
Then it took me through every suburb of Bournemouth on progressively smaller and smaller roads.
I honestly wanted to cry!!
But we got there eventually!
Miss E put up the tent as usual and our kind neighbours - spotting that I was a bit stressed - bought me over a massive shot of their homemade hazelnut liqueur. Wowzers!!!! They have a still apparently and God only knows how strong this stuff was. As I was in sole charge of the kids, a dog and a tent I thought I better not neck it all back. I had half!
Mr K turned up not long after us because he'd going the cross-country was I should have. While he was sorting dinner the Little Misses had a half hour session with my phone - taking photos and videos of themselves. Skipping, running around, looking epic or just generally being silly!
Curry and rice for for Mr K and me, hot dogs for the Little Misses and then to bed.

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