No Fitness Class this afternoon as it was a Bank Hol so I just went straight to the shops.  It has rained on and off all day but it was dry while I was out.

When I got home I did a bit more pruning in the front garden.  Then I emptied the 3  cat litter trays, washed them and refilled them. Favourite job - NOT.

Slimming Club was still on so I set off to walk there around 5.20pm.  Most people just got weighed and went home but a few of us stayed for " Image Therapy".  I lost one pound this week. 

Was just settling down to eat my tea this evening when the phone rang.  I knew it would be my brother as he's the only one who ever phones me.  It wasn't convenient - but he said it was only going to be a quick call as he was going out. However as usual he talked for ages - about nothing much.  Never mind - at least hes Ok and keeping in touch.

The Mono Monday theme today is BALANCE.  Thanks to laurie54 for hosting.  I have a shopping bag which has flamingos on and they are all standing on one leg and I was going to use it for my blip.  However I decided that was too easy and I " Googled " to find something more interesting  / challenging.  One of the things that came up was " How to balance two forks on a glass with a toothpick".  You would be amazed how many YouTube videos there are to show you how to do this " trick".   So I got my equipment together and had a go.  After a few tries - Hey Presto.... I did it. 

Steps today - 10,636

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