A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


It is 4 years to the day that we moved in to the Dell House and opened a whole new chapter in our lives.  It doesn't seem like 4 years and, looking back over the years on blip, things that seem recent were actually a year or two ago.  Still we're pretty happy with the 'new' life.

So, apparently, are our guests.  

I'm uncomfortable doing anything like advertising here but I hope you don't mind me sharing this review from the theatre group:

"Absolutely phenomenal accommodation, EXACTLY what was needed. Nothing was/is too much trouble for Kevin and Elizabeth who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we are all happy and relaxed. Not only are we going to miss the beautiful, warm, relaxed rooms but also the outstanding gardens and general house / accommodation. Every little aspect has been lovingly thought of and no stone unturned to make certain this achieves the absolute highest rating that could possibly be given. Please don’t hesitate to book this truly outstanding accommodation for either a relaxed couple retreat, family holiday or corporate meeting area (and it is a MUST for theatre folk needing large, relaxed friendly atmosphere for the local theatres). I genuinely and honestly could not recommend the Dell House and proprietors enough. Thank you for a truly wonderful stay ...... we will without any doubt be back."

That's why we're enjoying this so much. I don't recall any of the people I delivered to in my previous career responding with quite that enthusiasm...

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