Wide Wednesday: "Art" - Art Arches behind the Sage

Bobsblips has set the theme of "Art" for today's Wide Wednesday challenge (thanks Bob).

Today we went to The Sage to see a short animated film "Bridges" (mentioned by Anniemay in her blip 2 weeks ago and by Igor the same day following our blipmeet that morning.) I thought the film was rather fun although my Editor was a little less impressed. (Chacun a son gout.)

This gave me the chance to pop behind the Sage to capture a fisheye shot of the artwork on the arches behind it. (Using the fisheye was the only way to get it all in on one wide shot.) The murals there change from time to time; Dollydoug blipped a closer photo of the miner with the canary as her extra on the day of the blipmeet.

On the way back to the Metro we popped into The Side Gallery to see the photo exhibition mentioned by Robin Down in his blip yesterday. Sadly the lady in the photo wasn't still there(!) but we still enjoyed it - thanks for the info about it, Robin.

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