Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

Look who we met today!

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday's frustrations are in the past and today I was out with Jennifer and Peter on a recce for an 8 mile walk in the Festival. It's called "Alston and the Wardway". We love the route, which is quite varied, and we had perfect weather.

We met a biker who was interested in walking and two walkers who took a festival brochure too. 

I nearly removed my right eye/I had an altercation with a small overhanging branch that made it's way through my specs and was stopped by the side of my nose! Nothing serious, but a shock.

When we returned to Alston and went for tea at the station, a train came in. Who did we see but the smiling face of Andy, one of our regular walkers. It turns out that he did the Railway Walk when it was in the festival and started volunteering with the South Tyne Railway after that. Today he was a trainee guard!

Back home I made a chicken curry which we both enjoyed.

Now I'm ready for a long night's sleep!

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