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Bellingham Show

This is a high spot in my calendar. Today it was difficult because I wanted to go and march against the Prime Minister's decision to shut down Parliament. I left others to make the protest and I headed north to Bellingham.

There had been a lot of rain in the last 24 hours and the field was a bit sticky for the cars, but no problem on foot.

This morning we had more sharp showers and then high winds. At one point, two stewards were putting their weight against the sides of a hurdle for the horse jumping.

I did not plan to take many photos, but I did.

Here are two of the team of Riders of the Storm, a stunt horse riding outfit from the north of Scotland. The horses are being refreshed after a session in the main ring. I liked the back lighting.

There were all the usual sections. This show is another sheep one (no cattle) but alpacas, dogs, falcons and people were all well represented. I can't get over how many people came with two dogs, not just one! The dogs were very well behaved and offered free licks if you noticed them.

My extra shows children enjoying the bubbles during the afternoon session.

I was delighted to find my car without any problem - I knew I had not really noticed where it was parked!!

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