... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Light(s), Camera, Action...

Testing out its newly-acquired appendages more enthusiastically in large.
Part of a flapping Ross'sling sequence (right from here)
Getting my street look 'in camera'
Droplet-beaded beak in flight
Pelicans and reflections under the blue bridge

Back in action: day 1 with the D850...
We went for coffee in Brixton Village first thing, and I experimented with getting my street look 'in camera' rather than via processing on the computer. Whisky the cat seemed impressed.
We went to visit the Ross'sling (et al.) in St. James's Park in the afternoon, and I familiarised myself with autofocus changes, highlight-weighted metering, and took an obligatory pelican pic. or three
I'm excited by the improved responsiveness and level of detail that's already tangible, and relieved to be freed from worrying about the likelihood of imminent mechanical breakdown...

Today's explorations are here (or right from Glass through glass through glass)

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