Playing with Multiple Exposure

Ultimately, this image comprises five exposures combined in camera. I'm still trying to work out how to combine bright and dark blends in two different sets of exposures. It's frustrating but I believe I begin to get an idea.

Busy day starting with visit from Richard from Fox Windows. I've given him the job of replacing the double glazing units in the conservatory and replacing the roof as well as installing a new front door and front window. Despite criticisms from my family for not getting more quotes, sometimes you have to jump.

To Leicester to hand over William's prezzie bought on the Lincolnshire coast. He played High Five with me for thanks.

An excellent singing session with Judy. The workout at the gym is really helping my posture and breathing as well as strengthening leg and arm muscles. But before then, we had a big catchup session. Judy has been busy with family commitments and Glyndebourne but managed a holiday in Menorca in between.

Into town to collect bath mats from John Lewis, and finally calling in on Sue on the way home for a natter.

Camera club AGM tonight.

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