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By walkingMarj

Make a wish

Today we had open house for local friends to come and celebrate Mum's birthday. Some people came in the morning and some in the afternoon. this meant we had to have two birthday cakes! (I managed with only the one set of candles.....)

Here is Mum in the morning. She closed her eyes as she took in that big breath - and failed to blow out both candles in one go. It was the same this afternoon.

The morning was an altogether more sedate affair, with just a few people and the opportunity for everyone to chat in one group.

This afternoon more people came and the place was buzzing with conversation, a cup of tea going on the carpet, lots of laughter and general mayhem. More food was eaten, thank goodness, because I inevitably overcatered. (Anyone want to have a party tomorrow - I won't charge much to cater!)

There is one more load to go in the dishwasher. Some things have been washed by hand. We are both a bit tired, but very happy. I have sore feet.

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