Becky and Mike were up and out early today.  Their next door neighbour Ben and his cousin arrived to pick them up at 8.30am and they went off to Gibside to take part in a 5km Parkrun. 

Ben was first ( he's a very fast runner ) and Mike was 4th finisher.  Becky was 3rd lady home so she was pleased with that.    Becky and Mike were dropped off back here after the run and they had a late breakfast and relaxed for a while.

Later on we all got the bus to Gateshead and headed for The Sage where there was an Expo and pasta party for Great North Runners.  As the queue for pasta was enormous we decided not to bother. The whole area was very busy as there were lots of families around due to The Junior Great North Run having just finished.  The City Games were also taking place on the Quayside and we watched a couple of events before walking across The Swing Bridge to the Newcastle side of the river.  It was raining heavily by now and we were getting quite wet.

We walked up towards the centre of town looking out for somewhere to have some food.  Everywhere was packed. In the end we went into Brewdog and there was a spare table upstairs.  The only food they served was pizza but were were all happy with that.  I had a Hawaiian - it was delicious.  Then we got the bus home.  Becky and Mike both had a relaxing bath to ease their muscles and Becky had a nap.

This evening we walked down to the village and went for a meal at Deanos - our local Italian restauarant.  I had chicken risotto.  It was really good.

Once we got home Mike watched the end of the England match and then they both did some stretching exercises before heading for bed.

Early start for us all tomorrow - the taxi arrives at 8.30am to take us into Newcastle.  Then we separate.  Becky and Mike head for the start line.  I get the Metro to South Shields and find a spot to watch the finish.  I will be watching out for Becky, Mike, Neil, Rachael, Ben - and my fitness instructor Emma.  Luckily Mike has downloaded an app on to my phone and I have input all their names.  So tomorrow I can track the progress of each of them so I will know when they are getting close to the finish and I can hopefully spot them passing by. Well thats the plan anyway.

Steps today - 15,685

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